Epiphany Solutions

As a software developer, we have taken NetSuite one step further by designing solutions that are completely embedded into NetSuite. This approach helps you quickly and cost effectively make NetSuite's cloud YOUR cloud.

Our solutions were developed by working very closely with our customers to fully vet a simple, logical flow to complete their business processes and utilize the flexibility of NetSuite the entire journey. NetSuite allowed us to not only build solutions that are very robust, but they also allowed all those processes to tie directly to the accounting/financial side of the house, allowing us to build end-to-end like our field service software.

Our vertical solutions address the specific needs of various industries including: Field Service, Low Voltage Contractors, HP Resellers, Autodesk Resellers, Human Resources, Telecommunication sales & service, and Medical Device manufacturing, sales, and service. If you have a specific industry requirement, contact us. Developing software to meet industry specific requirements is our expertise!