Maximize Revenue Rental With an Automated Rental Management System

One of the most time consuming and costly areas of rental management has to be keeping track of the many items you manage each day. Managing what needs repair, what units are available, what should be delivered where, and what units are due or overdue can be a management nightmare. Add in multiple warehouse locations and just keeping track of the mile-long paper trail can be a full time occupation for a whole team.

Epiphany has developed a software solution to help you automate your rentals business. With input from rental professionals just like you, e-Rentals management software was created and tailored to have all the features a rentals company is looking for.

Benefits Management for NetSuite

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Cloud Based SaaS Rental Solution for comprehensive business management
  • Rental & Sub-rental contract management
  • Manage your inventory availability
  • Control & manage pricing rates.
  • Monitor pick-ups & returns
  • Route & delivery management
  • Print rental agreements directly from sales orders
  • Efficiently manage real-time equipment operations & availability in several branches
  • Track maintenance, repairs & depreciation for all your equipment

Integrate the Core Functions of Your Business

Eliminate the need for and costs associated with multiple business management systems. The seamless integration between your rental, accounting, CRM, and even HR systems forms a comprehensive solution to the logistical and financial challenges commonly faced by business owners in the equipment rental industry.

Online Availability 24/7

e-Rentals is totally in the "Cloud"! What does this mean to you? Access to all of the data you need to successfully manage your rentals business at anytime and from anywhere.

Access and Analyze Your Most Valuable Data

The key to success in almost any rentals business is being able to easily identify where you are profitable, who your largest customers are, and when the maintenance costs associated with a particular piece of equipment are exceeding its value. e-Rentals powerful dashboard and automated report generation allow you to display the data you need in an instant.

Easy to Use

e-Rentals is only sophisticated in the way it works, not in the way you use it. It provides you with all the support you need to manage your rentals business but is still simple enough to understand and operate. And if using our software is indeed a little challenging, Epiphany is available to support you every step of the way.

For more information download the e-Rentals Datasheet or Request a Demo today!