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Keep Your Business Profitable and Ahead of the Competition

Most organizations have access to financial reports that reflect if the company is steadily losing or gaining profits but the visibility to see why and where those profits or losses occur does not exist. The ability to see, on a daily basis, the profit or loss of each and every project/job, contract and work order is key to establishing discipline processes to steady a company’s profits.

Epiphany’s innovative Profit Management solutions let you easily track the expenses, budgets, and actual amounts of any project. Fully developed within NetSuite, these solutions give you the ability to see your company's key financial figures at a glance on reports. Let us help you see the status of your company and predict the impact of critical business decisions, keeping your business profitable and ahead of the competition.

Benefits of Epiphany's Solutions

  • Increase Profits – View immediate cost information to assure every project is within or under budget and profitable.
  • Save Time and Money – Reduce paperwork and errors with automation.
  • Streamline Data Flow – Enter budget, grant or job cost information directly or import the data from various areas within your NetSuite account.
  • Strategic Decision Making – Stay ahead of surprises on projects in progress with unique project-specific data and reporting features.

Profit Management Solutions

e-Job Costing
Designed specifically for tracking revenue and costs against a job, project, sales order, work order or contract; providing you with real-time data to allow you to make educated decisions which drive profitability and customer satisfaction.

e-Budgets - Project Budget Management
Top down and bottom-up budgeting capabilities mean that you can ensure that every project is within or even under budget. Eliminate your reliance on cumbersome spreadsheets and track all of your project budgets and costs from idea to project close.

e-Allocations - Allocation Management
Add to NetSuite’s accounting capabilities with the ability to perform statistical and automated allocations by department, class, location subsidiary, employee, time and more.

With Epiphany’s Profit Management Solutions, accessing timely, relevant and accurate financial information has never been so easy.

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