Subscription Support FAQs

What does a Subscription Support plan get me?

An Epiphany Subscription Support plan gives you access to the Epiphany support team and Customer Case Center where you can get answers to questions about how your Epiphany products work and assistance with product user errors. Depending on the Service Level of the plan you choose, your staff can have more access to the support team, shorter response times, and even dedicated support representatives who really know your business.

What support options do I have?  How much does it cost me?

There are three Subscription Support plan options: Basic, Standard, and Premium. You can compare the plans here and decide which plan meets your needs. The price of each plan is based on a percentage of the annual subscription list price of the products for which you want support. Bear in mind that if you have more than one Epiphany Subscription, the Subscription Support plan you choose will apply to all of your Epiphany products. Contact Epiphany Sales to compare pricing options for your company.

Do I have to have support now?

Contact Epiphany Sales for a review of your current support plan, costs, and options for transitioning to one of the new Subscription Support plans.

What happens if the issue is with your software?

When a bug or defect is found in an Epiphany product, our developers make the necessary corrections at no charge to our customers. Correcting bugs or defects in Epiphany products is part of what customers receive through their Product Subscription.

Do I get to talk to someone on the phone?

Both the Standard and Premium Subscription Support plans provide for case submission and response via Telephone.

Do you prioritize issues based on severity?

Yes. Epiphany’s new Subscription Support Plans define three levels of severity: S1, S2, and S3. The higher the severity level the faster we respond. Please see our Support Plan comparison table for specific response times promised under each plan.

How do I know when my issue is resolved?

After you create a case in Epiphany’s Customer Case Center, and as soon as your issue is resolved, a support analyst will contact you by email or, if your Subscription Support plan provides for it, by telephone. Read more details about the entire Case Response Process.