Once you have implemented a product and completed the initial configuration, you may find it does not meet your needs "out-of-the-box." Epiphany provides the customization services you need to get the most value from your software purchases.

We begin by reviewing your processes and identifying areas where the software may not completely support your ways of doing business. In some cases, by slightly altering your internal processes, you may find significant ways to save time and money. In other cases, by customizing the software, we can help integrate the product into your business. This approach gives you the best of both worlds and identifies savings in as many areas as possible.

Our customization packages fit many needs, but there are always ways to extend the software to more effectively fit the way you work. Our customization team is familiar with .NET, C#, JAVA, Javascript, XML, HTML, ASP, and PERL. We can adjust existing functionality, create additional functionality, and even connect NetSuite to a legacy system.