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March 2017

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2014_EpiphanyNewsletter_Aug_2 August 2014
If you want to create customized dashboards, reports and forms, train your staff, or simply need help resolving an issue with your Epiphany or NetSuite products, you need to join the party!
Epiphany is extending it's Block Party!
Asset Tracking for NetSuite June 2014
Epiphany has recently developed e-Asset Tracker which allows you to track the location, ownership, rental history & more of any fixed asset, vendor item, software, rental unit or anything with a unique identifier. If you rent, purchase, sell or manage assets in NetSuite, you'll wonder how you got along without it!
Do you know where your assets are?
March 2014
Today's customers were raised in an age of instant gratification. They are way more demanding and their expectations are high, especially within the field service industry. So how do you meet these exceedingly high demands and gain that loyalty?
Epiphany has a few tips that might help!
February 2014
There are very few jobs that demand the use of mobile technology more than that of a field service technician. Epiphany has taken our mobile technology one step further by taking it offline - allowing your techs to access and update critical job and customer data even without connectivity and then synchronize with NetSuite when back online again..
Equip Your Technicians with the Latest & Greatest
January 2014
Whether you want to increase benefits participation, simplify enrollment or improve employee communication, Epiphany's Benefits Administration Solution provides a better way to manage a comprehensive benefits program while engaging and educating your employees.
Learn About Automated Benefits Administration
October 2013
Bottom-up budgeting is a modern approach that can be used to plan the use of your company's financial resources. Read about this approach differs from top-down and what the benefits to your company may be.
Get Bottom-up Budgeting for NetSuite
September 2013
With a wide range of features developed specifically to meet the needs of the rentals industry, e-Rentals is a tailored rental management software solution that lets you maximize revenue per rental, build customer loyalty and increase visibility and utilization.
Automate Your Renal Managemet Business
August 2013
Fear & resistance of change can prevent your staff from fully embracing the software system you have paid a substantial amount of money to implement. Epiphany's new Change Management Service can help you decrease the odds of failure & increase your success.
Gain ROI on Your Software Investment Quicker
July 2013
Epiphany is proud to announce the completion of our newly upgraded integration solution, e-Integration. This improved solution now allows you to automatically integrate your NetSuite customer, lead, sales order and calendar data with any 3rd-party application.
Integrate Anything with NetSuite

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