Epiphany Products

Epiphany offers many products that integrate with NetSuite to deliver the functionality you need for success. These products, which include e-Service, our field service software, provide the workflow support and features you need.

Service Management Solutions

e-Service - Work Order Management
Easily create work orders, sales orders and invoices and then ensure your technicians are where they need to be, at the right time, with the right parts.

e-Asset Tracking - Asset Management
Track fixed assets, vendor items, software, rental units or anything with a unique identifier through a purchase to the sale/implementation cycle including all repairs, add-on materials, and more.

e-Depot Repair - Return & Repair Process Management
Epiphany's e-Depot Repair SuiteApp improves productivity and cost containment, automating the flow of product through the entire return and repair process, from initial receipt and triage to repair, quality assurance, and shipment.

e-Rentals - Rentals Management
Automate and improve the way you rent, manage your assets, and service your clients. Epiphany's e-Rentals, is a multiple-user, multiple-warehouse rental management system that allows you to completely manage your rented inventory, contracts, and rental invoicing.

e-Contracts - Contract & Warranty Management
Get full visibility into a contract life-cycle and never again give away free service. Epiphany's Contract Management solution helps you eliminate lost revenues and automates your contract & warranty renewals, updates and cancellations.

e-Billing - Billing & Contract Management
Whether you send out physical goods, need to manage subscriptions, software licenses, usage & entitlements or want to automate renewals, Epiphany's Subscription Management Solution provides the flexibility and automation to meet your needs.

Profit Management Solutions

e-Job Costing

Designed specifically for tracking revenue and costs against a job, project, sales order, work order or contract; providing you with real-time data to allow you to make educated decisions which drive profitability and customer satisfaction.

e-Budgets - Project Budget Management
Top down and bottom-up budgeting capabilities mean that you can ensure that every project is within or even under budget. Eliminate your reliance on cumbersome spreadsheets and track all of your project budgets and costs from idea to project close.