Field Service Management Software

Service work order management combines the work that a customer needs to be done to service, repair, replace, or install equipment. In order to do that successfully, you have to know your people, parts and profit. This breaks down to tracking and managing people, parts, contracts & budgets

The ability to dispatch tasks and assignments electronically to field workers, and to monitor their progress from the office as they send job results via their in-vehicle computers increases efficiency and maximizes workflow.

The job is to install/repair. The technician needs autonomy and direction to do the great job they want to do including knowing who needs them where, when and what they need to do. They also need to understand the unit, the customer site details, parts, availability and more. This information needs to be available immediately, possibly offline and with all the details to allow the technician to make the right decisions that will give them the ability to satisfy the customer.

Epiphany's Service Management Solutions all you to all of this more!


  • ACCELERATE service delivery and manage complex service operations with the e-Service Dashboard which provides visibility and drill-down capabilities into key performance indicators.
  • REDUCE costs by ensuring the right resource, skills and equipment are dispatched quickly and accurately.
  • IMPROVE customer satisfaction by providing world class service delivery. Ensure customer knowledge including products, warranties, contracts, locations and service history is readily available to your customer service reps.
  • INCREASE profitability by managing closed-loop service delivery from service request to dispatch, resolution and invoice, which are essential for customer satisfaction and overall profitability.
Quickly and easily track work orders and field techs in NetSuite

Asset Tracking

  • What is the asset?
  • Where is the asset?
  • Who owns the asset?
  • Who can service the asset?
  • How can the asset be serviced?

Service Scheduling

  • Color-coded calendar visibility into technician resources, skill sets, equipment and more
  • Manage technician skill sets then dispatch the best resource to work orders
  • Service Prioritization
  • Material & Equipment Required
  • Maintenance / Warranty Information
  • Customer Specific Instructions

Work Order Management

  • Assign Technicians & Equipment
  • Track Time, Expense, and Parts
  • Monitor profitability
  • Invoice and Bill efficiently

Depot Repair

  • Ensure inventory and parts availability
  • Manage multi-location parts inventory
  • Manage depot repair activities
  • Track parts requisitions and ordering
  • Effectively process returns

Project & Job Costing

  • Actively manage your contract portfolio
  • Reduce job costing administration
  • Ensure job, work-order, project or installation profitability
  • Accurately recognize revenue and cost accruals

As an integrated service management solution that enhances productivity across the service order lifecycle, e-Service Management energizes the work-order to cash process to deliver enhanced services levels and maximize productivity. Download the e-Service Datasheet for more information or Request a Personalized Demo today! And be sure to check out our NetSuite Product Comparison Sheet