e-Job Costing - Project & Job Costing Software

Project and Job costing enables you to have better control over your project costs, allows you to quickly and easily apply corrective measures if an existing project is in danger of being over your estimated costs and lets you calculate the overhead and indirect costs associated with each project. Epiphany's e-Job Costing solution enables you do to all of this and more - extending the functionality of NetSuite's basic project module.

e-Job Costing enables project based businesses to quickly and easily track revenue, expenses and profitability by job, installation, work-order or contract. e-Job Costing provides you with real-time data allowing you to make educated decisions which drive profitability and customer satisfaction.

Business Benefits

  • Actively manage your contract portfolio
  • Reduce job costing administration
  • Ensure job, work-order, project or installation profitability
  • Accurately recognize revenue and cost accruals

Gain Greater Visibility and Control of Project & Job Related Costs

Quickly and easily track revenue, expenses and profitability in NetSuite
  • Approval and Budgets
  • Categorize Revenue and Costs
  • Three Labor Costing Methods
  • Monitor status of purchases
  • PO & AP invoice approvals
  • Track time & materials to jobs
  • Job Summary Information
  • Drill-down Detail by Category
  • Historical Graphs
  • Multiple WIP accrual methods
  • KPI Dashboard

Enhance your job costing detail and reporting by categorizing revenue and costs. Up to 10 different categories such as administrative, freight, subcontractor labor, internal labor, materials, software or job expense may be defined and tracked.

For more information download the e-Job Costing Datasheet or Request a Demo today!

NS Project Costing and Budgeting vs. Epiphany Apr2020-1