Streamline & Automate Your Depot Repair Operations.

If your depot repair center performs repairs on returned goods, sends them to the manufacturer/outside contractor, or if you simply need to return the goods to stock, e-Depot Repair controls the entire process, including billing or crediting your customer while tracking repair times and parts used.

Built on the NetSuite platform, e-Depot Repair delivers a complete view of your customers, products, and service records, all within one integrated, easy to use system. And because e-Depot Repair is fully customizable and flexible enough to adapt to any business, it will meet your unique business needs.

Automate the entire depot repair process in NetSuite

Why e-Depot Repair?

Increase productivity while decreasing service interruptions.

  • Reduce inventory carrying costs
  • Gain real-time visibility into the repair cycle including location, status, warranty and ownership
  • Limits the risk of overstocking or shorting parts
  • Base decisions on qualified repair center information, including accurate cost accounting
  • Increase product quality through repeat repair information


Our easy to use, easy to deploy solution will help your repair center automate the business processes and help keep you operating at optimum efficiency.

  • Track all your repairs
  • Provide workflow & approval processes
  • Create service codes, status, repair conditions, history logging
  • Track inventory orders, parts, bin locations, etc
  • Obtain current repair status
  • Manage receiving & shipping of repaired items
  • Perform inspections of received items
  • Repair/replace items returned

This solution can be purchased separately or added on to our e-Service Management software, giving you the ability to easily manage every aspect of your service business - from estimate to closed. For more information Request a Demo today!