e-Allocations - Allocations Management Software

Epiphany's e-Allocations delivers a powerful Allocation Management solution for NetSuite. e-Allocations enables you to easily track statistical allocations by department, class, location subsidiary, employee, time and more, all within your native NetSuite account.

NetSuite users can save thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours by implementing e-Allocations. Users can quickly and easily set up saved searches, map their relevant fields, and then run their allocations with a click of a button. And even better, you can create and use templates so that all additional allocations can be run automatically. Exporting data from NetSuite and manipulating that data with Excel will be a thing of the past, thereby eliminating human errors and data mistakes that can cost you thousands.

Functions of e-Allocations Includes:

  • Allocate GL Accounts to one or more other GL Accounts with segments.
  • Limit source account by Project, Grant, Budget and Item Type (category) in addition to standard NetSuite segments (class, department and location).
  • Allocate destination account to Project, Grant and Item Type (category) in addition to standard NetSuite segments.
  • Allocate by Statistical method in addition to the amount and percentage methods, e.g. by headcount, based on project time entries, and many more.
  • And more

Whether your company is big or small, e-Allocations allow you to easily automate your allocations, eliminate costly and time consuming manual processes; and effective manage your company's allocations all from one cloud-based system.

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