Webinar: Human Resources Solution for NetSuite

by Epiphany June 29, 2011

Join Epiphany on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 for more information about our e-HR Human Resources solution.

Energize Your Talent Management Capabilites

by BrendaB March 24, 2011

e-HR is a powerful on-demand talent management solution developed by Epiphany that energizes your organization’s ability to maximize return on employee investments. Seamlessly integrate your recruitment, performance management, and employee administration processes to deliver untapped talent management productivity. e-HR’s dashboard-driven management approach delivers powerful visibility and insight to proactively manage all aspects of your workforce.

Developed 100% in NetSuite’s SuiteCloud development platform, e-HR harnesses the power of the leading Cloud-based ERP/Financial management suite. e-HR leverages NetSuite’s role-based access to provide your administrators, recruiters, and hiring managers with timely and accurate information to make effective talent decisions.

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