Epiphany's eRental Pays Off

by Jeni Pink on February 13 2017

An award-winning provider of professional services solutions for industrial markets, primarily for the energy, fossil fuels and power sector recently had this to say about Epiphany's eRental software.       

Our rental technology software from a prior provider was falling short of our requirements in almost every operational areaWe needed a solution that was cloud-based that could do three things:  integrate seamlessly into our Netsuite ERP backbone; improve availability and access to our rental equipment;  and improve our own internal processes within this line of business.  Netsuite recommended Epiphany’s comprehensive rental management solution, and it is paying off for us in multiple ways.

The most important aspects of our commitment to selecting cloud-based technology was ensuring that all of our IT systems were tightly integrated AND that they were highly usable by everyone in the company,” explains the IT Project Manager. “Our overall goal was to achieve new efficiencies that have bottom-line impact, and we are already seeing significant savings.

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