Custom saas: Building Dreams in the Cloud

by BrendaB on April 07 2017

Why is this project four months past due and counting? It was so simple! With the new system, it promised to be minimal coding. The new software as a service system has a platform as a service to allow for easy tailoring of the system to your company's needs. What happened?

Even though this software makes it "oh so easy" to add fields, records and change forms, the basic rules of knowing and documenting what is to be built still apply. 

Many companies feel that quick verbal instructions are all that is needed.  Even for the simplest requirements, relying on verbal communication and strings of emails do not translate to fast, easy and timely projects.  Every project requires a clear definition of the end to delivery, quickly and successfully. Many companies do not have a clear illustration of how to do this. Let's walk through one.  These first steps are the definition of success for your project, don’t rush.  Get this in place before coding! Once the coding and testing has begun, one may be able to break the work into branches for faster results.

Below is a scenario and requirements.   See how simple and short it is. Once business owners use the customization, they will all nod their heads in agreement.  Then the next step can begin!

Come back in two weeks, and we'll talk about the next major step of functional specs.

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