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Assets and Units

by BrendaB April 26, 2017

Your company services other companies' assets / units.  To do this, you need a variety of information - things like where their unit is, what contract is on it, what the components are, and more. 

This can't be tracked in your company's ERP inventory system because it would then show an inventory value that is not accurate.

How do you manage this scenario?  Do you track the information in a MS Access database, an Excel spreadsheet or on paper?  Is it kept on an asset management system and tracked as a zero dollar asset? Is every option a work around?

Perhaps you need a contract management system that would allow tracking of any contract and any units associated with it. Is anyone using something like that?

I am curious to hear how this is managed today. Join in the discussion, and let's talk about what companies have done to manage their customers' assets/units.

Custom saas: Building Dreams in the Cloud

by BrendaB April 07, 2017

Why is this project four months past due and counting? It was so simple! With the new system, it promised to be minimal coding. The new software as a service system has a platform as a service to allow for easy tailoring of the system to your company's needs. What happened?

Even though this software makes it "oh so easy" to add fields, records and change forms, the basic rules of knowing and documenting what is to be built still apply. 

Many companies feel that quick verbal instructions are all that is needed.  Even for the simplest requirements, relying on verbal communication and strings of emails do not translate to fast, easy and timely projects.  Every project requires a clear definition of the end to delivery, quickly and successfully. Many companies do not have a clear illustration of how to do this. Let's walk through one.  These first steps are the definition of success for your project, don’t rush.  Get this in place before coding! Once the coding and testing has begun, one may be able to break the work into branches for faster results.

Below is a scenario and requirements.   See how simple and short it is. Once business owners use the customization, they will all nod their heads in agreement.  Then the next step can begin!

Come back in two weeks, and we'll talk about the next major step of functional specs.


by BrendaB March 29, 2017

Coming Soon - Epiphany's New Blog Series starting April 7th.

Energize Your Talent Management Capabilites

by BrendaB March 24, 2011

e-HR is a powerful on-demand talent management solution developed by Epiphany that energizes your organization’s ability to maximize return on employee investments. Seamlessly integrate your recruitment, performance management, and employee administration processes to deliver untapped talent management productivity. e-HR’s dashboard-driven management approach delivers powerful visibility and insight to proactively manage all aspects of your workforce.

Developed 100% in NetSuite’s SuiteCloud development platform, e-HR harnesses the power of the leading Cloud-based ERP/Financial management suite. e-HR leverages NetSuite’s role-based access to provide your administrators, recruiters, and hiring managers with timely and accurate information to make effective talent decisions.

Orchestrate Your Field Service Operations With Higher Profits & Confidence

by BrendaB March 15, 2011

Epiphany is proud to announce our webinar for e-Service Management on Wednesday, March 23, 2011.

Epiphany Platinum Sponsor of SuiteWorld 2011

by BrendaB March 14, 2011

It’s my first time blogging and it feels like public speaking in silence, all–in–all a bit unnerving. First time for what you ask, well quite a few things, such as:

  • Blogging
  • Platinum Sponsor at NetSuite User Group
  • Tweeting

We all have the opportunity to attend the NetSuite User Group for the first time. I know this will be a great event. I can’t wait to see our customers and meet new NetSuite users to share experiences, tips and share best practices with each other during that time. It is really great to see the NetSuite ecosystem growing and becoming stronger. Epiphany’s customers provide our best ideas and help create very robust modules that allow us to make NetSuite YOUR Cloud. We have started already with our various modules like e-Service, e-XL, e-Human Resources, e-Contracts, e-Service, e-Job Costing and our tailored support options.

As a Platinum Sponsor, Epiphany will host a breakout session during SuiteWorld to discuss how to make NetSuite YOUR Cloud; it will feature customers just like you. For example, Brian Dougherty from SolarWinds will present. Brian’s three-person team manages a public company with hundreds of employees and many customizations for a unique software business. He will illustrate the flexibility of utilizing NetSuite’s scripting and custom records. Brian’s overview, “We have multiple reps assigned to customers to handle sales and renewals. When these rep territories need to be adjusted, we need to update customers and all associated quotes and opportunities. Due to the complex business rules associated with these objects, we needed to make NetSuite Our Cloud. To make this happen, we worked with Epiphany to create the specific automation to help us quickly and easily make these changes. This new functionality has turned a two-day task into a two-hour task since now the managers just need to set it and forget it.”

Tom Heideman manages MasterGraphics’ NetSuite account with 100s of users and a very active web presence. Tom’s overview, “Epiphany and their bundle, e-Contracts, made NetSuite Our Cloud – they took what was a month long process to manage and bill our monthly contracts and condensed the workload down to about a week and half, a time savings of approximately 105 hours per month or approximately $31,500.00 per year. By using automation to communicate and receive data from our customers, bill them, and generate all standard contracts; our process is now far more accurate and effective. We went from a fully manual process using NetSuite Jobs (Projects) to a fully integrated contract management solution.”

At Epiphany, we want to help you make NetSuite YOUR Cloud. Our customers range from 10-person privately held organizations to public corporations with several hundred employees. There is something for everyone – come by and see how to use workflow, suitelets, tailored dashboards and more.

Whew, the first time is over. See you at SuiteWorld 2011!

Brenda P. Brinkley, CEO
Epiphany, Inc.

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