Assets and Units

by BrendaB April 26, 2017

Your company services other companies' assets / units.  To do this, you need a variety of information - things like where their unit is, what contract is on it, what the components are, and more. 

This can't be tracked in your company's ERP inventory system because it would then show an inventory value that is not accurate.

How do you manage this scenario?  Do you track the information in a MS Access database, an Excel spreadsheet or on paper?  Is it kept on an asset management system and tracked as a zero dollar asset? Is every option a work around?

Perhaps you need a contract management system that would allow tracking of any contract and any units associated with it. Is anyone using something like that?

I am curious to hear how this is managed today. Join in the discussion, and let's talk about what companies have done to manage their customers' assets/units.

Custom saas: Building Dreams in the Cloud

by BrendaB April 07, 2017

Why is this project four months past due and counting? It was so simple! With the new system, it promised to be minimal coding. The new software as a service system has a platform as a service to allow for easy tailoring of the system to your company's needs. What happened?

Even though this software makes it "oh so easy" to add fields, records and change forms, the basic rules of knowing and documenting what is to be built still apply. 

Many companies feel that quick verbal instructions are all that is needed.  Even for the simplest requirements, relying on verbal communication and strings of emails do not translate to fast, easy and timely projects.  Every project requires a clear definition of the end to delivery, quickly and successfully. Many companies do not have a clear illustration of how to do this. Let's walk through one.  These first steps are the definition of success for your project, don’t rush.  Get this in place before coding! Once the coding and testing has begun, one may be able to break the work into branches for faster results.

Below is a scenario and requirements.   See how simple and short it is. Once business owners use the customization, they will all nod their heads in agreement.  Then the next step can begin!

Come back in two weeks, and we'll talk about the next major step of functional specs.


by BrendaB March 29, 2017

Coming Soon - Epiphany's New Blog Series starting April 7th.

Epiphany will be at The Rental Show

by Jeni Pink February 22, 2017

Epiphany will be participating as an Exhibitor at The Rental Show in Orlando, February 26 - March 1,  2017

Epiphany's eRental Pays Off

by Jeni Pink February 13, 2017

An award-winning provider of professional services solutions for industrial markets, primarily for the energy, fossil fuels and power sector recently had this to say about Epiphany's eRental software.       

Our rental technology software from a prior provider was falling short of our requirements in almost every operational areaWe needed a solution that was cloud-based that could do three things:  integrate seamlessly into our Netsuite ERP backbone; improve availability and access to our rental equipment;  and improve our own internal processes within this line of business.  Netsuite recommended Epiphany’s comprehensive rental management solution, and it is paying off for us in multiple ways.

The most important aspects of our commitment to selecting cloud-based technology was ensuring that all of our IT systems were tightly integrated AND that they were highly usable by everyone in the company,” explains the IT Project Manager. “Our overall goal was to achieve new efficiencies that have bottom-line impact, and we are already seeing significant savings.

Epiphany Named to the 20 Most Promising NetSuite Solutions Providers

by Jeni Pink July 28, 2015


Epiphany, Inc. Redefining Networking with Intelligence


"Our field service allows for a full life cycle for field service from sale to contract to preventative maintenance to repair"

View full article here.

Epiphany Provides Solution for VIA International

by Jeni Pink June 30, 2015

VIA International is the home technology provider for today’s sophisticated, luxury homeowner. VIA seamlessly integrates technology into their client’s everyday life and by delivering concierge-level service. VIA is the largest home technology integration firm in the United States, and has won more awards for their home theaterhome automation, and custom audio video solutions than any other integrator in the country. VIA designs and implements turn-key home technology solutions and works with the world’s top architects and interior designers to seamlessly blend state of the art technology with great architecture and design. 

VIA needed a Field Service system to manage their large, multi-location business.  Epiphany’s e-Service solution provides this capability.  When VIA was seeking a new solution, they needed the ability for their technicians to see the details about the customer site, units, access and more.  The Epiphany e-Service solution provided all of that as well as full integration to billing and costing in their SaaS ERP system, NetSuite.

In addition to Field Service, VIA needed full job costing that included project estimating and profitability reporting capabilities.  Epiphany’s e-Job Costing utilizes the transactional data in the NetSuite ERP to provide full job profitability per project.  It provides the profitability per project and per category.

5 Ways to Thank Your Staff Without Breaking the Bank

by Amy Bookbinder May 27, 2015

    A little can go a long way in terms of showing appreciation to those who help make your business a success! Read on to discover five ways you can show how thankful you are.

1. Offer flexible work hours. Nothing says “thank you” like a flexible schedule. It’s a perk that offers that most gain for the least pain. Giving a little latitude in determining work schedules allowing employees to take time for family or personal issues let’s you say thanks in a big way!

2. Publicize their successes. If someone has done something really worthwhile, have your entire staff give them a standing ovation or simply publicly recognize them at the next meeting. And for those with field staff, recognize them via email and conference calls.

3. Send a handwritten note. Have your executive team write personalized notes recognizing employees and letting them know just how much their contributions mean to your business. It will not only put a pep in their step, but the kind words will stick with them (increasing motivation and loyalty at work) well into next year.

4. Feed their motivation. Consider footing the bill for a catered lunch (great for your field staff) or even just have executives push around a cart doling out coffee and other goodies. This allows employees to come together to relax and communicate over a meal and gives your teams a chance to know who they’re working for.

5. Let them play hooky. Provide your employees with a certain number of free days off to use as they see fit. They can go shopping, play with their kids, read a book…it doesn’t matter. Ensuring your employees have time off without having to call in sick reduces stress and provides the whole company with a better life/work balance.

Epiphany helps customers of all sizes deliver world class customer experiences while maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs. Contact Us today to see how we can help you.

5 ways to Increase Repair Center Revenue

by Amy Bookbinder October 09, 2014

The return, refurbishment and repair operations within a service organization can be a very fragmented and inefficient process. But repair centers can also provide a great way to bring in additional revenue. Best in class organizations are able to manage this process efficiently resulting in increased customer satisfaction and revenue generation. Here are some ways that you too can ensure your repair operation is profitable.

Epiphany Recipient of Netsuite 5-Star Award

by Amy Bookbinder May 23, 2014

Epiphany Recipient of NetSuite 5-Star AwardEpiphany is proud to announce that we are the recipients of the NetSuite 5-Star Award for 2014. This award is given to NetSuite Solution Provider Partners who generate over $1 million in revenues per year. As a leading provider of NetSuite, Epiphany recently celebrated its 11th year of successful partnership, providing implementation and value-add services to help enterprises grow their business.

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