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  The Value of Bottom-Up Budgeting
Bottom-up Budgeting Software

Bottom-up budgeting is a modern approach that can be used to plan the use of your company's financial resources. Unlike top-down budgeting, where the high level executives make the decisions, bottom-up budgeting gives employees an opportunity to get involved and take ownership in the decisions of their day-to-day operations. Increased participation can also help create a more accurate picture of departmental needs for better functionality.

Bottom-up budgeting fosters a “team-based” management philosophy that can be very effective. The budget is prepared by those who have the best knowledge of their operation, allowing for better accuracy, and improvement in company morale and job satisfaction.

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  Do You Need Bottom-up Budgeting for NetSuite?

Epiphanys Budgeting Solution for NetSuite
Epiphany recognizes the benefits to bottom-up budgeting. That's why our team of developers has enhanced our e-Budgets solution to include this functionality. With this improved solution your managers and employees can create your annual budgets based on their intimate knowledge of their own projects.

Add this to our already powerful and robust tool and you can track the budget of a project from estimate to close. You can manage your project budgets for expenses, purchases, time & labor, revenue and more; enabling you to quickly see your budget-to-actuals as well as profitability. You can also categorize revenue and costs with user defined Master and Sub categories for detailed reporting.

Developed 100% in NetSuite’s SuiteCloud development platform, e-Budgets allows you to manage your projects, budgets, customers and contracts, all within one system.

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  Single System Profit Management
Profit Management for NetSuite

Epiphany’s Profit Suite is the only solution of it’s kind built on the SuiteCloud Platform, that lets you easily track budgets, grants, actual amounts, funding sources, donors and projects. e-Profit Suite is fully customizable to meet the unique needs of your company. With embedded analytics, and reporting features, it redefines what it means to stay profitable in a competitive world. Any company with NetSuite that needs to manage their people, profits and products should check out e-Profit Suite!

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  Coming Next Month: HR Management in NetSuite
Epiphany has expanded our human resource management offerings to allow you more control of your human capital processes within NetSuite!

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