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  Change Management Strategy Now Available at Epiphany

Change Management [cheynj man-ij-muhnt] noun
1. Change Management is the utilization of basic structures, tools, skills, and principles to control any organizational change effort and minimize the change impacts on employees (the people side) in order to achieve the required outcomes of the project or initiative.

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At Epiphany, we understand that technology implementations create significant change in your organization. This leads to fear and often resistance in your people to readily embrace the new system you have paid a substantial amount of money to implement. That’s why we have established a change management service offering that can provide you with fit-for-purpose, practical and pragmatic solutions for successfully engaging your employees in this business transformation and sustaining that change for the long haul.

Epiphany’s Change Management service offerings help you gain the ROI on your investment quicker by providing:
  • Faster speed of adoption
  • Higher ultimate utilization
  • Higher proficiency
Managing the people side of change can also help with cost avoidance – poorly managing change is costly to the project and the organization. Change Management is not only a cost avoidance tactic, but also a tool to mitigate risks and provides realization insurance. Think about this...how much value of the project ultimately depends on people doing their jobs differently?

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  A Change Management Strategy Saves You Money!

Integrate Anything with NetSuite
Organizational initiatives that have a change element as significant as a technology change have a 70% chance of failing to achieve their original goals because they fail to consider the impact of that change on the people who are most affected. A structured change management strategy can help you substantially decrease those odds and significantly increase your success.

Epiphany's Change Management Service includes:
  • Senior level consultants with expertise directing the change effort on large-scale projects to ensure business objectives and return on investment
  • Tactical change management plans designed to minimize employee resistance and maximize employee engagement
  • Best Practices for business transformation and process alignment
  • Project support for business process mapping and redesign, facilitation of user acceptance testing, and customized training development and delivery options.
Visit our Change Management page for more information.
  New To NetSuite - Your Sales Orders in Pictures!

Integrate Anything with NetSuite
As the old adage states, a picture says more than a thousand words, and recently NetSuite has added a nifty new feature to visualize the order management process. With the Transaction Timeline, you can now see the sales workflow of a particular order, including the related opportunities, estimates, fulfillments, invoices, cash sales, in a logical sequence and graphical display.

This feature is available as a SuiteApp, and once installed will display a collapsible graph on the top section of all your sales transactions. For each transaction type, you will be provided with the quantity of each that are part of that sale and will be able to drill down for more details. You even have the ability to customize the labels and sorting of these icons!

While still in Beta, it performed beautifully in our testing. Also, it did not create performance issues when loading or saving records. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more.
  Coming Next Month: New Rental Management Solution!
Epiphany's new e-Rentals solution will wow you with it's multi-user, multi-warehouse capabilities. And if you missed last month's feature on e-Integration visit our newsletter archive.

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