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  Tips and Tricks for NetSuite 2014.2 Release
Epiphany Tips and Tricks

NetSuite made some pretty big changes to the system with their latest release. To ensure you don't miss anything, the staff at Epiphany wanted to pass along to you a few tip and tricks we've learned over the last couple of weeks. If you know of any others, pass them along to us and we'll add them into the next newsletter, or Follow us on LinkedIn and you can post them there!

Tip #1: Personalized Signatures Send a lot of message from NetSuite? If you want to your signature automatically added to each outgoing message, just go into the 'Set Preferences' and make sure the box is checked.

Tip #2: Variable Email Fields - If you send out bulk email messages using any variable fields (ie...FirstName, CompanyName, etc.) you'll need to update all of your messages. NetSuite has changed the format of all variable fields. To quickly see the new ones, just open one of your emails, enable the 'text editor' and find the field you want to insert.

Tip #3: Invalid Scripts - Include in the release are major UI changes that may invalidate some of your scripts that directly manipulate the UI “look and feel”. Be sure to test all of your scripts in Release Preview and, if needed, modify them. It is imperative that you review all scripts before being upgraded.
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