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Integrate Anything with NetSuite
We believe a company should spend their time focusing on the strategies that will help them succeed, rather than being bogged down with daily manual processes and data manipulation. Our goal is to help you eliminate unnecessary paperwork, automate many of the tasks you do each day, and help you get the most out of NetSuite.

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  You Can Now Integrate Anything with NetSuite

Integrate Anything with NetSuite
Epiphany is proud to announce the completion of our newly upgraded integration solution, now called e-Integration (formerly named e-XL). This improved solution now allows you to automatically integrate your NetSuite customer, lead, sales order and calendar data with any 3rd-party application.

By using Saved Searches within NetSuite, you can quickly and easily set up automatic exports of this data, have the file saved to a pre-designated FTP site, and automatically integrate your NetSuite data with any 3rd-Party application. And even better, e-Integration is fully customizable, so you can specify which fields are needed.

Visit our e-Integration page for more information.
  Do You Manage Multiple Calendars in NetSuite, Google, Outlook and More?
Integrate Anything with NetSuite

e-Integration also lets you sync your NetSuite data to any Calendar application including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, and more. You can of course sync all of your NetSuite events, but you can also customize the solution to sync projects, work orders,service calls, interviews and employee PTO. Now, no matter which calendar application you prefer, all of your data can be housed in one place.

Get more information e-Integration page for more information.
  Coming Next Month: Change Management
Learn how Epiphany can help your organization with it's technology implementation - minimizing employee resistance and maximizing employee engagement!

If you missed our short demo last month of Epiphany's new Allocation Management solution for NetSuite, be sure to visit the e-Allocations Page!

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