Billing and Contract Management Software

eBilling and Contract Management is an end-to-end management solution that allows you to proactively manage complex billing such as usage, subscriptions as well as renewals, warranties, software licenses, entitlements and more. eBilling reduces the burden of administration ensuring each subscription is profitable and maximizing the value of your portfolio.

As the backbone of your service processes, eBilling will connect the various customer service and support activities into a single, integrated service life-cycle and support you in turning service into a profitable business.

Billing and Contract Dashboard

  • Unified view of portfolio
  • Real time KPIs
  • Life-cycle visibility
  • Ensure profitability

Contract Administration

  • Create Subscription Contracts from Sales Orders
  • Easily Update, Add, Delete Items
  • Multiple Types
  • Start and End Dates
  • Item History from Start to Finish
  • Case History on Subscription Contract


  • Proactively manage renewals
  • Automated reminders
  • Identify upsell opportunities
  • Co-terminate Subscription renewals
  • Prevent revenue leakage
  • Eliminate data re-entry


  • Usage
  • Flexible billing schedules
  • Improve billing accuracy
  • Enhanced revenue recognition
  • Fully integrated to general ledger

This solution can be purchased separately or added on to our e-Service Management software, giving you the ability to easily manage every aspect of your service business - from estimate to closed. For more information download the eBiling Data sheet or Request a Demo today!