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People, Parts and Profit is our focus at Epiphany. We engage by listening to what you say and delivering what you need. We help customers of all sizes deliver world class customer experiences while maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.

Fully integrated with NetSuite, our robust, yet simple solutions help you manage Field Service Processes, Contract/Warranties, Rental Management, Project Budgeting and Job Costing.





Is your rentals management software slowing you down?

Are you spending more time managing your rentals business than you should?

Is it easy to see what equipment you have available for rent right now?

If you’ll give us 30 minutes, we’ll show you how Epiphany’s eRentals solution for Netsuite can radically increase the efficiency and productivity of your rentals management team.

eRentals for Netsuite was built to meet the needs of serious equipment rental companies. (We know because we asked them.) In just five easy steps you’ll cover all the bases: booking, delivery, billing, returns, and inspection and service. And you’ll be able to see everything you need to know right on your Netsuite dashboard.

Contact us and we'll give you a one on one demo of how our Rental Management module works.

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