Subscription Support

An Epiphany Subscription includes access to the product, defect and bug fixes, and periodic product updates. It is separate from a Subscription Support plan.

An Epiphany Subscription Support plan (Service Level Agreement - SLA) provides access to the Epiphany support team and the Customer Case Center. It covers questions about how the Epiphany product works and assistance with product user errors.  

The SLA price is based on a percentage of the Epiphany Subscription list price. SLA coverage may be increased or decreased on the Subscription renewal anniversary. Bear in mind that if you have more than one Epiphany Subscription, the Subscription Support plan and SLA level you choose will apply to all of your Epiphany products.

Description Basic Standard Premium
Times 8:00 am –- 5:00 pm CST Mon. - Fri.* 24/7
24x7 Online Case Submission Yes Yes Yes
Telephone Case Support No Yes Yes
Severity Level 1 Response 0 - 8 Bus. Hours> 0 - 4 Bus. Hours 0 - 4 Hours
Severity Level 2 Response W/in Next Business Day W/in Next Business Day 0 - 24 Hours
Severity Level 3 Response W/in Next Business Day W/in Next Business Day 0 - 24 Hours
Authorized Organization Support Contacts 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Deployments (during Business Hours) Included Included Included
Deployments (after Business Hours) Billable Billable Included
Dedicated Support Contact No Yes Yes
Support Account Manager No Yes Yes
Support Review Sessions No Semi-Annually Quarterly