Epiphany Products

In addition to NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld, and NetSuite OpenAir, Epiphany offers many products that integrate with NetSuite to deliver the functionality you need for success. These products, which include e-Service, our field service software, provide the workflow support and features you need.

e-Calendar: Color-Coded Schedule
Epiphany's e-Calendar product provides you with the ability to create a color-coded schedule for multiple resources using native NetSuite calendar functionality. Track your project and/or service team daily schedule. Clearly see the account, vacations, type of work and who will do the work all in one simple, color-coded view with data straight from the NetSuite calendar.
e-Consolidated Invoicing
Meet customer expectations and simplify your accounting process with e-Consolidated Invoicing. This solution for NetSuite provides a means to consolidate multiple invoices for a single customer into one pro forma invoice, combine multiple lines into one single line on an invoice and mass email invoices.
e-Contracts: Warranty, Maintenance, Install Base, Contract, Software Licenses
Automate warranty, contract and software license management within NetSuite. Track serial numbers, warranty start/end dates, service contract start/end dates and more. As the backbone of your service processes, e-Contracts connects various customer service and support activities into a single, integrated service life cycle, and supports you in turning service into a profitable business.
e-HR: Human Resources
Enhance your organization's ability to seamlessly generate job roles, attract top candidates and develop employee strengths achieving maximum return on employee investment. This solution for NetSuite includes Applicant Tracking, Human Resources Management, Performance Management and Benefits Tracking functionality. A stand-alone Applicant Tracking System (e-ATS) solution is also available.
e-Job Costing: Job, Project, Sales Order Costing
Designed specifically for tracking revenue and costs against a job, project, sales order, work order or contract, e-Job Costing provides you with real-time data necessary to make educated decisions required to drive profitability and customer satisfaction.
e-OPS: Operations Center
Epiphany's e-OPS Center was designed to meet the specific requirements of an operations organization. One center has a SINGLE page to review purchase orders to be received, orders to be fulfilled and more. The other center provides visibility from ONE page into open projects, open cases, open invoices and more. These custom centers allow your operations staff and operations management team to manage their respective days quickly and easily, saving hours of time daily by putting all this information in one place!
e-Sales: Sales Center
Epiphany's e-Sales Center was designed specifically for businesses who desire to maximize their sales team's productivity. Use ONE page to manage NetSuite sales activities. Track opportunities, sales orders, past due invoices, phone calls, events and more all on ONE page. Available for sales staff and sales management — this tool will decrease keystrokes by as much as 25% leaving more time for generating new revenue.
e-Service Suite: Field Service Software
A must have for the Service Industry, this powerful solution enhances your ability to schedule, track and manage resources across service jobs. Scheduling, contract management, job costing and consolidated invoicing are included with e-Service. E-Service Light is available for customers looking only for scheduling functionality.
e-XL: Import Application
Easily import .xls or .csv documents into NetSuite with this software application. Multiple mapping configurations are available to meet your specific requirements. e-XL includes the ability to auto-poll FTP servers and more.