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e-Sales: Preconfigured Sales Center

e-Sales is a preconfigured Sales Center solution designed by Epiphany specifically for businesses with the desire to maximize their NetSuite investment and their Sales Team's productivity. Do you want your Sales Reps spending more time driving revenue and less time navigating through paperwork? Of course you do!

Customized Dashboard

Quickly import your quotes from Excel or a CSV file into NetSuite The dashboard gives your Sales Reps an instant snapshot of "their world". Everything a Sales Rep needs to know to manage their day is on one page... all they need to do is simply scroll down!

  • Events
  • Phone Calls
  • Open Estimates
  • Open Opportunities
  • Open Sales Orders
  • Open Projects
  • Open Invoices
  • Trend Graphs
  • KPI Meter
  • Shortcuts

The e-Sales Dashboard is a graphical display showing Sales Reps how they are doing overall and where they are in comparison with their teammates. e-Sales was developed by Epiphany based on intensive hands-on experience and incorporates known "best practices". As always, further customization to meet your specific business requirements is always available.

Sales Tab

  • Relationships (Leads, Prospects, Customers)
  • Transactions (Sales Orders, Estimates, Opportunities)

Commissions Tab

  • Relationships (Leads, Prospects, Customers)
  • Transactions (Sales Orders, Estimates, Opportunities)

Sales Report Tab

  • Forecast Reports
  • Pipeline Reports

Predefined roles, dashboard views, searches, sales tab, reports and links eliminate the numerous steps natively required to navigate NetSuite in order to manage leads, prospects, opportunities, estimates, proposals, sales, meetings, tasks, quotas and more. With e-Sales, your sales team will be working with a clean, customized, focused tool that was once cumbersome and unproductive.

e-Sales makes it easy for your Sales Reps to see everything they need in a day on one screen. All they need to do is scroll down! This completely interactive sales screen allows Reps to not only see their daily activities, leads to contact, opportunities to close etc, but they can add new, edit or view right from this screen with a simple click!

Screenshot Gallery

e-Sales makes it easy for your Sales Team to manage their day!     Add a new event quickly and easily

Pencil icons for quick access     No more wasted time trying to navigate NetSuite … simply Click and Go!