e-Integration - Integrate Everything with NetSuite

Epiphany's understands that today's companies likely use multiple applications for the business needs and within each application is data stored about customers, products, leads, contacts, contracts, sales orders, purchase orders, time, items and more. Epiphany's e-Integration, formerly e-XL, automates the process of importing or exporting of this data into and out of NetSuite, saving you time, increasing accuracy, and providing real-time visibility to your complete organization.

Data Integration for NetSuite

"A a great time saver, allowing us to import the buy and sell prices on the quote, together with the product line information. What before took each salesperson 30 to 45 minutes to enter, now takes five minutes."
Bill Smith, President - TSA

True Data Integration

  • Integrate NetSuite with any 3rd-party application
  • Automatic csv exports from NetSuite Saved Searches
  • Allows FTP access to save spreadsheet to pre-defined location
  • Fully customizable to your specifications
  • Bi-directional data synch - easily export or import data to or from NetSuite.
  • New fields you add in NetSuite will automatically be added to sync tool - no need to reconfigure

Complete Calendar Synchronization

  • Sync your NetSuite data to any Calendar application including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, and more..
    • Sync Admin Data: Tasks, meetings, projects
    • Sync Service Management Data: Work orders, service calls
    • Sync HR Data: Interviews, PTO

We free you up to be more strategic.

Instead of spending your time heads-down manually importing and exporting calendar events, and data stored about your customers, products, leads and sales orders, we'll get you to a point where the majority of your data integration is totally automated and self-optimizing, giving you more time to develop strategies to keep pace with today's consumers.

For more information download the e-Integration Datasheet or Request a Demo today!