#NSW13 First Impressions

by RyanH on May 14 2013

It is day 2 of NetSuite’s 2013 SuiteWorld conference, and things are jumping! Thousands of people, running around the vast expanse of the San Jose Convention Center, into sessions, on to Expo Halls, breakfast, lunch, and a DJ spinning all day long. To say the energy is high is a major understatement.

As a newbie – or first-timer – to the conference, I am overwhelmed by how much is going on, and how great everyone is. New to Epiphany, I had only met 1 of my colleagues in person before – and that was AnneB, from HR. The rest, I had either worked with through Go-to-Meetings or Uber Conferences, or heard about second-hand. But this Epiphany team is just the greatest. KimS greeted me with a friendly jab to the shoulder, pointing out that I’m the one who was harassing her all weekend for the content of the previous blog post. And BrendaB, the CEO, greeted me with a big ol’ Texas hug. Great people here at Epiphany – dedicated to one another and to the customer, alike.

With 15 different topic tracks to choose from for individual breakout suessions, it’s almost impossible to decide where to start learning first; I decided, for the betterment of the blog and Twittersphere, to mix it up and at least one or two sessions in each of as many tracks as possible. Great cross-section of information, and a flavor for the overall effort and work behind the scenes. Sometimes, in Marketing, I only get to go so deep with our products and services. But the view from SuiteWorld is really rounding out my perspective. Perhaps the next time we need to write up a script of workflow step for a client, I’ll offer my new expertise to help — though, something tells me no one will let me near that code.

After the eye-opening Partner Kick-off session yesterday afternoon, where we had a great chance to look back at 2012 and ahead to the coming year(s), the Expo Halls opened for business and the Booth 109, our pride and joy, looked great.

We’re live-tweeting the conference – including pictures and video, when we can. So make sure to follow along: @EpiphanyIncNet

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