NetSuite Benefits

Too many choices actually make it easier to pick NetSuite. The market place for mid-market business software is already crowded and getting moreso by the day. It is one of the fastest growing tech sectors. And with so much choice, where does NetSuite stand out? Simple:

NetSuite is a Single Data Store


If you need to add two new fields to your CRM's customer record after the implementation, how much will it cost to carry that through to accounting? If you are thinking of spending money connecting core business software, you might as well throw it away. For example, purchase Microsoft Great Plains or Navision and you will be encouraged to buy Microsoft CRM to be integrated with it. It's not a single piece of software, rather it's two pieces of software connected by a third.

If you purchase's Enterprise edition, sForce is promoted as being your tie to whatever accounting package you use. Even better is Sage (formerly Best) Software's Chinese menu approach, showing just how weak the links are between accounting and CRM. You could go with ACCPAC or MAS 90/200/500 and combine it with ACT!, Sage CRM, or Saleslogix!

NetSuite Solution

With a single, integrated platform for CRM, ERP, and Ecommerce, business functions can be automated across all departments, including sales, marketing, service, finance, inventory, order fulfillment, purchasing, and employee management. Employees no longer have to re-enter data in different systems, rectify inconsistent or inaccurate data, or wait for batch updates. Instead, all employees view and share accurate data in real time, leading to greater collaboration among departments and increased productivity throughout the company.

And with a truly customizable piece of software, you create your custom fields, forms, or records and all pertinent data is available throughout the system immediately. No coding. No integrating. No worrying.

NetSuite has Robust Capabilities


No matter how much you spend on better software, salespeople always cold call from Excel! Don't fight it, there's a reason they do it. Excel is fast. Excel is easy. Excel doesn't waste time.

NetSuite Solution

So give them an Excel-style CRM interface that actually collects the information managers needs AS the salesperson works. Give your salespeople a tool that recommends upsells and cross-sells based on previous buying patterns or their current purchase! Then let them enter the sale for you with just one click. Business streamlining at its finest.


  • eXtreme List Editing: Let your salespeople work in NetSuite as quick and easy as if they were in Excel.
  • Upsell Manager: Turn all that historical sales data into a dynamic tool recommending products for salespeople and webstore customers alike.
  • E-mail campaigns: Send ALL e-mail campaigns through NetSuite. No limits of "1,000 e-mails per day" like No need for 3rd party vendors. And no Exchange server to manage!
  • Customer Portal: Give your customers FREE login to a branded portal to track payment history and outstanding bills or to submit trouble tickets for your review.
  • Partner Portal: Create a channel sales program and track them like another sales department, because they are! Depending on needs, the partner portals may be free as well!


  • Expense Allocations: Track your costs against their respective departments and apportion percentages of larger bills, such as utilities, to each department.
  • Credit Card, ACH, and Vendor EFT Processing: Accept credit cards by phone or through your web store. Send and receive money electronically. Take full advantage of your bank's electronic capabilites and run a tighter, leaner ship!
  • Revenue Recognition and Recurring Bills: Whether you need to accept a lump sum and then recognize the cash as it comes in or send automated bill payments on a regular basis, NetSuite reduces your workload and increases your accuracy.

NetSuite Provides Low Total Cost of Ownership


Overhead is overrated, yet we still suffer! Would you pay $3,000 more for a car that would save you $10,000 in gas over the life of the vehicle? The concept is the same with a hosted application. When you look at the price for a hosted app, what you see is what you pay. But when you host your own software there are several additional costs to take into consideration, including servers, tape drives, networks, VPNs, additional staff, and maintenance/update costs. Over the life of the product, these costs add up.

NetSuite Solution

By bringing NetSuite into your organization, you are immediately reducing your future need to hire more internal IT support as your company grows. You are also reducing your future hardware budget. But best of all, you get improved remote performance, stronger security, and greater redundancy than you could ever do alone. Reducing your costs AND your risks all at once.

  • No hardware to buy. This means no servers, networks, VPNs, etc. All you need is a high-speed internet connection for your users.
  • No security to maintain. NetSuite handles the database security for you. This includes protection from malicious applications, active and passive intrusion, and viruses.
  • No additional IT staff to hire. With no database to protect from crashes and no servers to babysit from catastrophic failure, there's no need for more staff. Go ahead and grow. Overhead is overrated.
  • No backups to worry about. In April, Business Week reported that "50% of small and midsize businesses that experience major data failure -- lasting more than 24 hours -- will go under." NetSuite uptime guarantee and constant performance monitoring make sure this is never a concern for you!