Testimonials and Endorsements


TekSolv is an award-winning provider of professional services solutions for industrial markets, primarily for the energy, fossil fuels and power sector.  The company offers a wide range of industry support services for:  automation; safety consulting/training; engineering; oil and gas industry infrastructure; equipment rental/sales/ support, rescue operations; occupational health; and environmental auditing/abatement.      

Our rental technology software from a prior provider was falling short of our requirements in almost every operational area,“ said John Mouser, President, TekSolv. “We needed a solution that was cloud-based that could do three things:  integrate seamlessly into our Netsuite ERP backbone; improve availability and access to our rental equipment;  and improve our own internal processes within this line of business.   Netsuite recommended Epiphany’s comprehensive rental management solution, and it is paying off for us in multiple ways.

The most important aspects of our commitment to selecting cloud-based technology was ensuring that all of our IT systems were tightly integrated AND that they were highly usable by everyone in the company,” explains Jeff Elliott, TekSolv’s IT Project Manager. “Our overall goal was to achieve new efficiencies that have bottom-line impact, and we are already seeing significant savings.


VIA International Inc.

VIA International is the home technology provider for today’s sophisticated, luxury homeowner. VIA seamlessly integrates technology into their client’s everyday life and by delivering concierge-level service. VIA is the largest home technology integration firm in the United States, and has won more awards for their home theaterhome automation, and custom audio video solutions than any other integrator in the country. VIA designs and implements turn-key home technology solutions and works with the world’s top architects and interior designers to seamlessly blend state of the art technology with great architecture and design. 

VIA needed Software as a Service Field Service system to manage their large, multi-location business.  Epiphany’s e-Service provides this capability.  When VIA was seeking a new solution, they need the ability for their technicians to see the details about the customer site, units, access and more.  The Epiphany e-Service solution provided all of that as well as full integration to billing and costing in their SaaS ERP system, NetSuite.

In addition to Field Service, VIA needed full job costing that included project estimating and profitability reporting capabilities.  Epiphany’s e-Job Costing utilizes the transactional data in the NetSuite ERP to provide full job profitability per project.  It provides the profitability per project and per category.


"We have multiple reps assigned to customers to handle sales and renewals. When these rep territories need to be adjusted, we need to update customers and all associated quotes and opportunities. Due to the complex business rules associated with these objects, we needed to make NetSuite Our Cloud. To make this happen, we worked with Epiphany to create the specific automation to help us quickly and easily make these changes. This new functionality has turned a two-day task into a two-hour task since now the managers just need to 'set it and forget it.'"
      —Brian Dougherty, Business Application Manager, SolarWinds

"Epiphany and their bundle, e-Contracts, made NetSuite Our Cloud – they took what was a month long process to manage and bill our monthly contracts and condensed the workload down to about a week and half, a time savings of approximately 105 hours per month or approximately $31,500.00 per year. By using automation to communicate and receive data from our customers, bill them, and generate all standard contracts; our process is now far more accurate and effective. We went from a fully manual process using NetSuite Jobs (Projects) to a fully integrated contract management solution."
      —Tom Heideman, Business Application Manager, MasterGraphics, Inc.

"The migration to NetSuite from our old system is the difference of night and day. Some of the benefits we enjoy is that the system being internet based, the ability to edit our contracts easily and within a reasonable time, ensuring accuracy. We have saved hundreds of man hours with this service management module. Working with Epiphany has been extremely easy and we would recommend this service to anyone."
      —Chad Collins, Sun Devil Plumbing

"We have worked with Epiphany for several years. They have helped us in our quest for continual improvement by molding NetSuite to our ever changing environment and allowing us to provide world class service to our customers. Using Epiphany's focus on our business processes, we have been able to configure NetSuite to manage each customer like they are our only customer. Delivering information to our customers the way they want to see it has proven to be a competitive advantage."
      —Dirk Propfe, Vice President, ET Group

"With e-Contracts, we have streamlined the contract renewal process and increased renewal revenue by automatically scheduling, managing and providing visibility into contract renewal activities. Previously managing our software renewals could take up to 5 days for a large complex contract. Our Contract Renewals capture everything a customer has purchased throughout the year on one new contract with a co-terminous end date. eContracts supports complex pricing and automatically calculates dates and rates to the correct number of months. Our large contract renewals can now be created and verified within 2-3 hours with e-Contracts.

Creating new contracts in NetSuite using e-Contracts is easy; simply fill-in a few additional fields on the sales order and e-Contracts does the rest! Our warranty and maintenance contracts are priced based on a percent of list. With hundreds of line items on a sales order, underselling a contract due to the complexity of manually calculating the sale price would easily happen. e-Contracts has saved us thousands in potentially missed revenue by automating the warranty/contract sales price calculation on our Sales Orders.

I highly recommend e-Contracts, the best part is the e-Contracts Dashboard; it allows me to track the status of contracts about to expire, contracts that are pending renewal and much more! We can now quickly and accurately forecast renewal revenue and it helps us make informed strategic business decisions."
      —Todd Pruner, Director of Sales, Uplogix

"We previously managed our installation and service schedules by hand; with e-Service Management we are able to schedule technicians from the Sales Order – for each individual service line of the sales order, automating what was once a paper intensive process. We are able to track time and equipment used to complete installation and service line items on a scheduled Event; allowing us to easily push these items to the sales order for invoicing purposes.

The e-Service Management Dashboard allows me to quickly see who is assigned to what service ticket or installation; what technicians are available; service tickets that are pending technician assignment, events and appointment to be closed and more. We will likely save an average of 10 hours per week managing technician schedules, tracking time and equipment to service work and installations with e-Service Management."
      —Dirk Propfe, Vice President, ET Group

"Epiphany's e-HR Human Resources Bundle has allowed us to streamline the acceptance of online employment applications. After completing the online application an Applicant Record is automatically created within NetSuite. Using the Applicant Routing and Selection Process within Epiphany's HR Bundle we are able to route Applicant Records via NetSuite to hiring supervisors while tracking every step of the interview process. A complete history of each Applicant is readily available and upon hire the applicant history carries over to the Employee Record, eliminating duplicate data entry and providing a complete history from Application to Termination within one system, NetSuite. What was once took us 15 minutes per application, now takes 5 minutes. Incoming applications vary, but we probably receive 15-40 per week, which means a savings of 3-8 hours per week."
      —Kevin Harding, IT Director, Imagine!

"e-Contracts has provided us with the processes and tracking abilities required to sell and manage maintenance contracts. We are now able to provide additional value-added services to our customers; increasing customer satisfaction significantly and reducing costs by being more efficient.

By tracking contracts within NetSuite, our Customer Service Reps are able to take a call from a customer using native NetSuite Case functionality and immediately see if the equipment is under covered under a contract or not covered. If necessary, our Customer Service Reps can create a Sales Order directly from the Case with a simple click of a button. Case information including item, serial number, problem and more is automatically populated on the Sales Order, eliminating duplicate data entry. Combining this feature with e-Service Management allows us to quickly dispatch a technician from the Sales Order. e-Contracts Management Dashboard allows us to track Contracts about to expire, Contracts Pending Renewal, Open Cases and more!"
      —Dirk Propfe, Vice President, ET Group

"We have worked with Epiphany for several years. They have helped us in our quest for continual improvement by molding NetSuite to our ever changing environment and allowing us to provide world class service to our customers. Using Epiphany's focus on our business processes, we have been able to configure NetSuite to manage each customer like they are our only customer. Delivering information to our customers the way they want to see it has proven to be a competitive advantage."
      —Mark Porter, CEO, High Wire Networks Inc.

"While NetSuite has been working nicely for our sales, accounting, distribution, inventory and marketing needs, the missing piece was organizing our daily service operations and scheduling. Now, with the power of SuiteFlex, Epiphany's FloorNet is a scheduling system for service companies like ours. Using the power of FloorNet, NetSuite handles field processes, scheduling, and labor organization within NetSuite. FloorNet is that final piece needed to make NetSuite the perfect solution for our service business."
      —Thomas E. Carlson, President, Commercial Service Solutions

"We were spending up to 3 days just to generate a proposal… Before we had dNet we missed out on $75,000 because we forgot to bill something."
      —Utz Baldwin of AD Systems

"VARNet provides us with the pieces we need to run our business. The quote import component of VARNet – is a great time saver, allowing us import the buy and sell prices on the quote, together with the product line information. What before took each salesperson 30 to 45 minutes to enter, now takes five minutes. And the process of gathering the information for the sales forecast report required by HP and our distributor, which used to take a couple days, is now is available at our fingertips because of the capabilities of VARNet!"
      —Bill Smith, President of TSA

"The vision for SuiteFlex was to enable the 'Service as Software' revolution where solution providers could build their unique vertical-specific knowledge and services into NetSuite and deploy it in a repeatable manner to customers in that industry. We are extremely pleased to see Epiphany leverage NetSuite to effectively realize the vision behind SuiteFlex and address the unique needs of three distinct industries."
      —Mini Peiris, VP of Product Management of NetSuite Inc.

"Having walked through two software selections with Epiphany, Inc, we've learned the value of good intelligence. Whether it's getting complete view of every available software piece, or it's building a business case to justify the purchase. The ROI analysis covered potential costs savings by line item and showed how it applied to each package. They even factored in the additional costs of learning a new system to give us a more accurate number. Taking advantage of Epiphany's knowledge and expertise was the right move for us; it saved us a lot of time and stress, making the software selection process almost effortless."
      —Chuck Hendee, Hendee Enterprises

"We really enjoyed working with Epiphany. Our business model changed and the industry specific software did not fit our needs. Epiphany formalized the requirements process, did all the research and shopping to match the capability of the software to our unique business and budget. All we had to do was make the final review. It was fast, easy and cost efficient, I would recommend this firm to anyone needing to find business software."
      —Terry Burgess, Consolidated Metal Technologies

"On behalf of our entire ORACLE implementation team here at TechnoMedia, I wish to thank Epiphany for the excellent "hands-on" support we've received in setting up our system. While the support team at ORACLE provided a high-level support in getting us "out-the-door", Epiphany provided the essential elements of our installation initiative. Without this level of support, I doubt if we would have been able to achieve our goal of going on-line in the time frame we identified."
      —Gregory C. Bihn President, Technomedia International, Inc.

"We chose Epiphany Inc because their consultants really cared about our business. Our consultant enjoyed learning all the little things that make our small business special. The hard work she did to assemble the full range of IT options -- she made it seem like an adventure rather than drudgery. Also, she found our solution and negotiated over a 25% discount for us. When we have future business process or IT needs, we will definitely call Epiphany Inc."
      —Susan Krell President, Acorn Biotechnical

"Fleet Maintenance of Texas has had many challenges in trying to find the right mix in updating our new computer system coupled with trying to find an accounting and service software package for our type of business. Since we have a specialty labor/parts service type business it has been difficult to find a software package designed specifically for our type of business. Epiphany Inc has found the right solutions for us and also met the financial parameters that were within our budget range. I am impressed. I did not think you could do it. Epiphany Inc.'s unwavering persistence also impressed me. You never gave up under a difficult challenge. I look forward to continuing our upgrade with Epiphany Inc.'s help."
      —Patrick Callan VP/Owner/Operations Management, Fleet Maintenance of TX

"Realizing my limited time available to research a software upgrade, I chose Epiphany, Inc to help. Within short order, I was given the necessary information to choose a program that was the best match for our growing business. Not only was the software in our budget, but also the support was outstanding. We have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of time we spend selling versus managing paper. The bigger bonus is that because of Epiphany's, thoroughness and professionalism, I have spent more of my time managing business versus selling the benefits of the software we installed."
      —Darlene Hajduk President, ProLine Supply, Inc.